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A S.T.E.A.M Show

Your favorite fractured tales come to life on the set of an old-fashioned radio drama. Incorporating the facets of science, technology, engineering, arts and math, the audience becomes part of the action by providing the sound effects in our very own, portable Foley sound studio! A perfect combination for the eyes, ears and imagination!

Most Appropriate for Grades 2nd – 5th

Available August 21 – November 2017 & 
January 8 – May 25, 2018
All of our performances bring your favorite characters to life in a whole new way! Interactive performances incorporating song and dance, these rollicking tales entertain children and adults alike, while teaching important social, life and moral lessons. 

Designed in concordance ELA standards, these shows include creative problem solving, character development and assessment and provide academic 
rigor through higher order thinking skills. This unique appoach to live theatre for children addresses student needs through tactile, aural and kinetic learning styles and meet many curriculum and PASS standards including vocabulary, character traits and oral interpretaion and comprehension.

All performances have a running time of 40-45 minutes. 

Chicken Little
Holly and the Christmas Kerfuffle
Fees and Pricing
The rate for a single performance is based on location
Please contact us at 803-644-9100 or email 
for pricing in your area.

 Additional same day/same site/same show performances are discounted.

Join Chicken Little, Henny Penny and the rest of the gang on their adventure to tell the king 
(and we do mean THE king) that the sky is falling! 
Perilous predicaments, big laughs and an important lesson about following the rules highlight this popular performance!

Appropriate for Grades Pre-K – 5th

Available  March 19 – May 31, 2018

The third installment in our five-part "Holly the Elf" series, finds our heroine in her biggest pickle yet! 
With only a week left before Christmas, toys are disappearing from Santa's Workshop and Holly has to catch the toy! Big laughs, crazy costumes and an important lesson about believing in yourself highlight this holiday favorite!

​Appropriate for Grades Pre-K - 5th

Available November 20 – December 22, 2017
The Three Little Pigs

When Stanley (the cool pig on the block) is encouraged to invite Ralphie (the new sheep on the block) over for a camp out, Stanley is less than thrilled. Will a campfire story of The Three Little Pigs send Ralphie running into the night, or will Ralphie turn the tables on his "high on the hog" host? This fast paced performance highlights lessons about breaking down barriers and building friendships.

Appropriate for Grades Pre-K - 5th

Available August 21 – November 17, 2017

Our fabulously fractured adaptation of this timeless tale that adds an assortment of musical genres to keep the story rocking along! 
A bored princess, her overprotective mother, a rapping narrator, an awe-struck Prince, and endless “bad hair” days, highlight this one-of-a-kind adaptation that reinforces the idea that letting someone go, means letting someone grow!

​Appropriate for Grades Pre-K - 5th 

Available January 8 – March 16, 2018
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