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Cultures and climates collide when two mice take turns paying a visit to see how the other one lives. Is country life too slow and boring? Is city life too fast and noisy? Will the mice risk losing their friendship, bickering over which place is better? Or will they realize that living where you are comfortable is all that it takes to have a happy life?  Find out in our fast paced, audience participation packed fable favorite. 

Available January 14 - March 15, 2019

All of our performances bring your favorite characters to life in a whole new way! 
Interactive performances incorporating song and dance, these rollicking tales entertain children and adults alike, while teaching important communication skills and social, life, and moral lessons. 

Designed in concordance ELA standards, these shows include creative problem solving, character development and assessment and provide academic 
rigor through higher order thinking skills. This unique appoach to live theatre for children addresses student needs through tactile, aural and kinetic learning styles and meet many curriculum and PASS standards including vocabulary, character traits and oral interpretaion and comprehension.

All performances have a running time of 40-45 minutes. 

Holly and the Snowman
Fees and Pricing
The rate for a single performance is based on location
Please contact us at 803-644-9100 or email pkchpproductions@aol.com 
for pricing in your area.

 Additional same day/same site/same show performances are discounted.
How can you make a snowman when it’s 98 degrees outside? Join Holly the Elf on her quest to make a seemingly impossible holiday wish come true! Will Jack Frost be willing to change his icy ways or will tropical snow be a no-go?!  Find out in this Porkchop original that is sure to warm even the frostiest of hearts!

Available November 19 – December 21, 2018
The Three Goats Gruff

Martha Graham Gruff wants to be a dancer. Ringo Gruff want to be a drummer. And Van Goat Gruff wants to be a...well, you get the picture! With the arts in their hearts, will our trio turn their dreams into reality or will their hopes be dashed by a horrible, terrible troll?! Porkchop’s side-splitting adaptation features live music, dance, audience participation and an important lesson about never giving up on your dreams!

Available March 18 – May 31, 2019
The Golden Goose

A kind-hearted boy, a magical goose, and town of greedy folks collide in our uproarious adaptation of this fairy tale favorite! Join a cast of zany characters as they find their way into and out of a sticky situation!  Big laughs, audience participation, and important lessons about the downfall of greed and the joys of sharing...even when you don’t have a lot to give!

Available August 27 – November 16, 2018

The Country Mouse and the City Mouse
Back by popular demand, our fractured twist on this classic tale brings the story to life in a magically musical way! A cast of unforgetable characters leads the audience (as well as Rapunzel) on a journey through different musical genres and teaches important lessons about being true to yourself, following your dreams and making your own kind of music! 

Please call or email for available dates and times.
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