Residencies and Workshops
Designed for first through twelfth grades, our week-long residencies and one to three day workshops integrate theatre arts with common core standards to bring your students a comprehensive, educational and entertaining learning experience.

For K, 1st and 2nd grades:
Mime, Movement  & Music
Students will learn the concepts of communication through creative pantomime and movement while being introduced to a wide variety of musical styles and genres. This week-long residency, or three day workshop, promotes higher order thinking skills, non-verbal communication, creative collaboration and aural interpretation of music and rhythm.
For 1st through 5th grades:
Introduction to Theatre in the Classroom

This exciting week-long residency, or three day workshop, introduces basic theatre concepts through activities tailored to nurture creativity and team building skills. Intensities include: exploring the elements of a story, character development, collaboration, creative movement, vocal interpretation and concentration skills.
For 3rd  through 5th grades:
Play Production and Performance
It's show time! Our week-long residency takes students on the creative journey of play production.Through character development, stage direction, vocal projection, dialogue interpretaion, creative movement and dance, this residency culminates in a student production of favorite fables, fairy tales or folk tales. Complete with scenery and costumes, this popular residency gives students the opportunity to take the stage and shine!
Special Effects Stage Makeup Workshop
For 6th through 12th grades:
Our one-of-a-kind workshop designed especially for tweens and teens! Students will learn the history and application of special effects makeup for the stage. This popular, one day workshop takes students behind the scenes of the exciting world of theatre and promises lots of gooey, gory, grotesque fun!
One-Act Play/Monologue Writing and Performance
From fractured versions of classic tales to original works, this week long residency takes students through the creative process of play/monologue writing and performance. Intensities include: plot and character development, writing techniques, story structure, vocabulary comprehension, vocal interpretation, theatrical staging and direction.
Voice, Diction and Public Speaking
Our three day workshop, or week-long residency, introduces students to vocal techniques through oral interpretaion of dialogue and written text. Intensities include: breathing skills, vowel pronunciation, speech inflection, rhythmic pentameter, vocal projection, body alignment and posture, understanding your audience and oral presentation.
For 9th through 12th grades:
Breaking Down the Bard: A New Twist to Understanding Shakespeare
Looking at Shakespeare in a whole new light, this week-long residency challenges students to form their own interpretations of Shakespearean scenes. Using different locales, time periods and dialogue styles, students create their own versions of the bard's words through collaborative writing and scene work. This exciting residency pushes creativity to the limit and leaves students with a clearer understanding of Shakespearean dialogue and vocabulary.
College and Career Interview Techniques Through Scenario Performance
Whether it's a college interview or applying for a job, our intensive take on interview techniques will provide your students with the skills they need to meet their academic or career goals. Our creative appoach puts students in real-life scenarios and offers comprehensive instruction on what to do (and what not to do) during the interview process. Intensities include: diction, public speaking, aural interpretation, pre-planning, thought organization, vocal comprehension, etiquette and interview preparedness. This week-long residency, or three day workshop, is designed to bring out the best in each student as they prepare for the challenges of the future.
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