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Summer 2018

Join us for our 45 minute, fabulously fractured adaptation of this timeless tale that adds an assortment of musical genres to keep the story rocking along! 
A bored princess, her overprotective mother, a rapping narrator, an awe-struck Prince, and endless “bad hair” days, highlight this one-of-a-kind adaptation that reinforces the idea that letting someone go, means letting someone grow! 

Playing June - August, 2018
For kids....
For teens and tweens...
Building a story from the "sound" up!

This 1 hour workshop introduces teens and tweens to the fascinating art of creating sound effects for radio, film and stage. With our specially designed portable Foley Studio, participants will learn the art of creating and adding amazing sound effects to any story. From thunderstorms, footsteps and even the sounds of crunching bones, this one-of-a-kind immersion workshop puts everyone in the action. Participants will learn the history of the Foley Studio, hone their skills on our "sound effects set" and wrap up the session by creating a fantastic, old fashioned radio mystery full of things that go crash, bang and bump in the night!

Available June - August, 2018
Ham Radio
Summer Performances and Workshops in your area
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Beat the Book!

Our latest workshop introduces teens to the history of rhythmic music and dialogue in theatre, from sprechstimme, patter songs, to today's popular rap-infused musicals. Participants will learn the basics of beat-boxing and work in groups to create their own rap based performance using provided narrative from popular young adult fiction. 
This one-of-a-kind, hour long workshop will leave you bopping to the beat!

Available June - August, 2018