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Are your productions puppet shows? No. We are professional actors presenting live theatrical performances for young audiences.

How many actors are in your company? Three! Stacey and Laura have been performing together for over twenty years. They write, direct and perform all of their own material. Most shows require them to play four to eight characters each. Dottie came into the company in 2013 to assist with school residencies and administration, and has been known to make appearances onstage as well! 

What are the most suitable ages for your productions? Four years old and up! While our performances are geared for elementary age children, the unique twist we put in all of our productions make them entertaining for family, college and adult audiences as well. Alas, it is hard to be cool in middle school.

Is Porkchop Productions a full time job? Definitely! We perform twelve months out of the year. During the school year we perform mainly for elementary schools, festivals, libraries, performing arts organizations, and corporate events. In June and July our performances are structured for libraries, summer school programs, and summer camps. 

Where do you get the scenery and costumes you use in your productions? Everywhere, anywhere and eBay! We are always on the lookout for costumes and props to use in our shows. If you ever clean out your attic, call Porkchop first!

Where did you get the name Porkchop Productions? Many years ago, an ad was placed looking for performers to entertain at an outdoor festival. We wanted the work and the experience so, along with some other actor friends, we came up with a performance idea and got an application. Everything went well until they  asked us the name of our group. Who knew it would pay off  to have a friend whose nickname was Porkchop!
FACT!!! Porkchop Productions has over 45 original shows in its repertoire. There are an average of 4 - 5 different shows playing throughout the season.

FACT!!! Stacey, Laura, and Dottie are all musicians. Stacey is a percussionist, Dottie is a bassoonist, and Laura plays...well...everything else!

FACT!!! Many of the costumes and props we use are purchased from movie studio auction houses. In our productions you may see original screen-worn items from the television shows: M*A*S*HOzzie and HarrietArrested DevelopmentThe Drew Carey Show, Six Feet Under  and Xena. And the movies: TootsieShakespeare in LoveGangs of New YorkElla EnchantedThe Last Samurai, North, Dreamgirls and In Search of Dr. Seuss.

FACT!!! While preparing to write our adaptation of The Ugly Duckling, Stacey and Laura did research at the Hans Christian Andersen Museum in Copenhagen, Denmark.

FACT!!! Although the company is called Porkchop Productions, Stacey and Dottie are vegetarians, and Laura is vegan.

FACT!!! We do all our own stunts, dancing, and singing!

AND, we've met some amazing people along the way...
Daniel Radcliffe
Patti LuPone
Kerry Ellis
The cast of Avenue Q
George Rogers
Simon McCorkindale
Gavin Lee
Ashley Brown
Sandy Binion
Pearl Fryar
Lily Rabe
Jerry O'Connell
Terrence Mann
Deirdre Lovejoy
Andrea Martin
Tom Hanks
Annie Potts
Marni Nixon