Porkchop Residencies
Week-long immersive theatre production and performance experiences designed for students in second through sixth grades.  Tailored to grade based curriculum standards, these unique opportunities, lead by a theatre artist-in-residence, put your students in the spotlight!
Performance Residencies

Production Consultation

Grade Levels: 2nd - 6th
Duration: 1 week (Mon-Thurs rehearsals, Fri Morning performance)

Designed for a single grade level, our theatre professional will meet with each class individually for up to one hour per day Monday through Thursday. Each class will learn a different part of a fairy tale, folk tale or instructionally tailored show that will culminate in a cohesive, grade level performance on the Friday of the residency week. Instruction includes: character development, interpretation and comprehension of written text, vocal projection, creative movement and basic stage techniques.

Choose from the following:
Aesop's Fables - 2nd - 6th Grades
The Explorers - 4th Grade
Just Kidding Around- 4th-5th Grades

Greek Myths- 6th Grade

Grade Levels: 1st - 12th
Duration: 1+ weeks

Is your school putting on a play, musical, concert or program?  From blocking, direction, character development, literary comprehension, voice and diction, and vocal projection, our theatre professional is on-hand to put the finishing touches on your school performance. With over thirty years of experience, we can help you make your students shine and get the most out of their performance experience!